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Beatrix Rivers

Recent Entries

12/13/06 09:54 pm - xiii.

Merlin's grace, just give her back her things and let these arguments go on no further.

12/8/97 10:21 pm - xii.

There was one in the third-floor girls' bathroom. This is beginning to be not only a distinctive and permanent offence to one's senses, but also a pervasive invasion of privacy.

Why have they not been taken down yet?

11/28/97 10:58 pm - xi.

It has been a little while since I last wrote here -- or even, for that matter, opened my journal. In true reclusive spirit, of course, I rather wished that my hiatus could have lasted longer, but alas, that is apparently not to be. Interference comes in the shape of the inestimable Professor Dawlish, who had the goodness to stop me in the corridor today and ask that I update more consistently; this did not surprise me as much as the fact that he had actually taken the time and effort to learn my name, as I do not take any of the N.E.W.T. Transfiguration classes. It cannot be a very large effort surely, but it is appreciated.

I write, then, to oblige the good professor; I write dutifully, though the concept of these devices have, quite frankly, lost the appeal that they never had for me. However, that is a very negative thing to say, and Merlin forbid that the tone of all my entries should be so overwhelmingly negative! There has been quite more than enough of that lately! No: at the insistence of those with more faith in the merits of these devices, I am practicing at being enthusiastic, bright, and responsive.

I feel wonderful! How about you?

11/16/97 01:27 pm - x.

This is Beatrix again. The Ministry gave me back my journal. Cecil was still rather drunk when they tried to communicate with him, apparently.

I apologise for his behaviour.

11/16/97 12:24 am

Capper, I suggest picking up a dictionary and looking up the word "originality", as you appear to be at cross purposes with its actual definition, which certainly makes no mention of explicitly feeding the libido of Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs indiscriminately.

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